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Selling pointless products, one trashy tagline at a time

The world of internet adverts is a strange place. One minute you’re scrolling through an album of cat pictures, the next minute you’re staring at a pop-up advert for brand new ‘Magic Diet Pills’. There’s a whole world of pointless products out there… and now it’s your job to sell them.

From sexy farming games to hair-growth mega-serums, this is a game about writing attention-grabbing adverts for some of the strangest products on the internet. Each round, the judge will choose a Product Card and roll five dice, each displaying a single letter. Players must now think of a short, snappy line to advertise the product, using the five letters on the dice to start each word.

Each answer is written down, folded up and handed back to the judge, who reads them out one by one. The player that writes the juiciest, most awe-inspiring piece of Clickbait wins the card and becomes the judge for the next round. The first player to collect three cards is the winner and the true Clickbait Champion.

  • Time: 20 mins
  • Contents: 120 product cards, 5 dice, 8 pencils, 2 pads
Game type: Party
Players: 3-8
Ages: 14+